Thursday, January 6, 2011

The One Temple

I am that I am
The beginning of Awareness
The One Temple we all belong to is the Earth.  The sacred body from which we all arise and one day we shall all return to.  The Earth is our home and our caretaker we pay homage to Her that is the source of all life.

In our daily wanderings we must remember to reflect upon the ground which we tread.  We must give thanks daily for the stability and permanence of the world in which we live.  The earth is our home, our mother, our caretaker, and our final resting place.  Our entire spiritual journey is placed within the realm of the Temple of the Earth.  Without Her we would not be, and without Her we cannot continue to exist.  The greatest revered is the One for whom we all owe our lives.

Blessings to you our Mother
Softly I walk upon your fertile ground
I take my needs from your body
And dance the circle thrice around

Make each day a sacred day.  Do not take for granted the life given to you.  Work in peace and harmony with all nature and revere the Earth as our Temple, our holy place.  The sacred circle of life is happening all around us set on the stage of the Earth.  We are one with our Temple, one with the Earth, and the eternal forces of nature.  Feel the connection and tread softly the path to your enlightenment.