Friday, April 27, 2012

Coven - more than family

A coven is a place where the heart, mind, and spirit go to find unity with others.  Unlike churches or larger religious organizations a coven is an intimate group of like minded people who have gathered willingly to share the awesome experiences of our spirits.  We gather in groves, parks, back yards and living rooms, making each place a sacred space for devotion and spiritual exploration.  With our minds and bodies cleansed, within the magick circle we are free to open ourselves to the great divine within each of us and to our fellow covenmates.

Being a member of a coven is not necessary to have deep and meaningful spiritual experiences, but alone we cannot begin to understand the dynamic of group energy and the spiritual fulfillment of others.  Coming together to create magick allows us to experience the ecstasy of the divine through many different perspectives thus allowing us to maintain an open perspective on our collective spirituality, there is no one right way.  Alone we only have one point of view, but together we can experience a dynamics of power and love that can only be provided by the group experience.

It is no secret that we demand a certain level of commitment and understanding before we allow people into our covens to experience devotion with us.  In perfect love and perfect trust shall each person enter the magick circle or be banished from the rite.  This rule is in place to help us create an atmosphere of trust and acceptance so each person may fully and without fear have the experience they are meant to have, without reservations.  In the circle all realities are possible and all possibilities are real, but only for those who have the presence of heart and mind to allow the impossible to penetrate their world view.

The coven environment, while fluid and evolving, is specifically designed to allow maximum productive exploration of the divine and the self.  When a coven is in harmony with itself, that is all members are in a state of perfect love and perfect trust, then the experiences to be had there cannot be matched anywhere else.  But when discord has entered into the magick circle then the spiritual lives of all members becomes disrupted.  It is important at this point to identify the concern and take action to alleviate the stress immediately if the coven has any hope of surviving.

It is often said that a coven is a family, and while this is true I would like to offer that a coven is more than that.  Your coven leader is more than a High Priest or Priestess, more than the organizer and implementer of ritual.  Each coven leader is a teacher, a confidant, a parent, and a friend.  It is their job specifically to see to the happiness and wellness of not just the coven members but of the coven itself as well.  A coven that works well becomes an entity of its own, taking on life and purpose determined by its members and guided by the coven leader.  When in harmony the workings flow as easily and naturally as breathing and within this environment we can truly hope to grow as spiritual beings.

The coven leader is not the only one responsible to holding the coven together though, each covener also carries a part of that responsibility.  The most important thing a covener can do for his or her coven is to be honest with themselves.  When we are true to our feelings and thoughts and share them in a loving and mature manner then harmony can be maintained.  Even dissent or dissatisfaction can be handled in a positive way if the unhappy party is honest about their feelings.  In the magick circle we are all linked directly by the emotions and experiences of those around us, we become vulnerable as we open ourselves.  This is where a coven becomes more than family.

In perfect love and perfect trust also means no judgement.  It means that each persons experience no matter how great, horrible, or indifferent is valid and true.  More than family means acceptance of those around us as divine and their experiences as a part of their personal growth.  More than family means for each member to look into the eyes of their covenmates and see a piece of themselves there.

In my spiritual journey I have been solitary, I have been a member of a coven, and I have been the leader of a coven.  All of these experiences have enriched my soul and given me experiences that cannot properly be expressed in words.  While life changes and sometimes people move on I see each group I have been a part of as necessary to my personal journey.  I would recommend the coven experience to anyone who wants to experience "perfect love and perfect trust", to anyone who wants to know what "more than family" really means.  And remember that it is ok to be discerning about the group you pick, make sure it feels right for you.  Be honest with yourself and your coven, love openly and freely and your experiences will take you beyond the stars.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Child of a Novelty

by Mahogany Rush

From a land where Dragons stood
A young boy dared what no man could
Born of fire, and ice and wood, he came here full of life
Well he loved and laughed and floated past
the echoes of a velvet mind, that whispered fairy tales untold
that kissed his mind, caressed his soul
Well times they changed and things rearranged
and a young man stood alone
But he decided to keep those echoes goin'
and ascended the mighty throne
He was a child of a novelty and he took 'em by surprise
he made them feel that he was real
he worked magic, magic..magic, before their eyes
As time went on, they said he'd done
what no man had done before
But he claimed that he was a child of a novelty
and nothin' more
Well, he tried to cry out how he felt
and they answered "It's a lie!"
But by this time this novel child had squeezed his soul bone dry
He was a child of a novelty and he took them by surprise
he made them feel that he was real
He worked magic, magic..magic
ah, he worked magic, magic..magic
ah, sweet magic, magic...magic before their eyes

My husband spoke the refrain of this song to me as his wedding vows.  I will never forget the look of love and playfulness in his eyes.  I love you Seeking Bear!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Flooded Road

I was walking down a dirt road to a church. In the church there was a service. After the service we went outside of the church and I was talking to the pastor about something. Showing him in some area where his beliefs were misguided, while he was trying to do the same thing to me. My sister was there, I do not remember my interaction with her but I know I did. We were on the side of the church in the grass, there was a large tree near the back, there were a few people milling around. I left the others and was going to make my way back to the church via the road, which had now been flooded

The mud was smooth, firm, and hilly and the water felt very good on my feet. There were people working on the road to even it out. The water was deep in some places and shallow in others. I made it around to the other side of the church where the feast was being prepared. I went inside to the foyer. The men there were talking about how there wasn't enough to eat. Just then I looked outside and saw half a dozen bird-men just standing in the water in the flooded road

The men of the church got it in their mind that they would catch and eat one of these bird-men. The one in front of me had dark feathers, a slightly curved strong beak and dark tattered clothing and was facing away from me. One of the church men walked up behind him and grabbed him with one arm around his neck and the other around his beak. The bird-man did not put up any resistance. When they dragged him into the church foyer they turned him around and were talking about how to cook him. I could see the understanding and sadness in the bird-mans eyes. I told the men they couldn't eat him because he was a sentient being, he was intelligent and therefore should be respected and not eaten. No one wanted to listen to me, I was very distraught. The bird-man did not offer any resistance, just the sad understanding of his fate in his blue eyes, with a single tear.

I left the building very upset. I went out to the road and saw the men working on smoothing it out under the water,  Butterfly-man was one of those men. I started to walk along the road again feeling the mud under my feet and the cool water around my ankles. A few feet up from where I was I saw something yellow under the water, it was my puppy. She was spread eagle on her back under the water. I cried out and ran over to her snatching her from the water. I started immediately to rub her back holding her upside down. I rubbed vigorously and she started to open her eyes. I knew then that I could save her and I was so overcome with emotion, sadness, joy, love, fear. Then I woke up.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Family means many different things to many different people, but for me family is the village in which you live.  Your village is made up of the people from which you where born, the people you have chosen in your life, and the people which have drifted in from elsewhere.  Like all families we are not going to get along with all the people in our village and that is ok because it teaches us a great variety of social skills.  In our village we experience love, acceptance, and understanding while also learning how to cope with loss, betrayal, and abandonment.  Our village continually challenges us to redefine our place within our family as well as forcing us to adapt and explore our own personalities.

In your family you many not always get along with each member and there may be some that you actually despise.  I refuse to see this as a total negative in my life.  I have come to the understanding that all people are different and the only person that I need to please is myself.  Having people in my family for which I do not associate challenges me to not become like the people I don't like.  It has taken me many years to understand that by actively hating a person I am giving that person power over me and the best thing I can do is to be honestly in my heart indifferent to them.  Those people are not worth my energy.  And even though the relationship has been torn I have learned, I have grown, and hopefully I am a better person for the experience.

On the opposite end of our least favorite family members is our favorite.  Those people who are selflessly good to us and by their very actions encourage us to be good people.  These are the family members we cherish and often go out of our way for.  Cultivating and maintaining these relationships are so important to our own healthy psyche.  And by loving these people we can rise above our preconceived notions of self and become what we dream.

We tend to set the level of our self esteem by the relationships we have with members of our village.  We judge ourselves based on the opinion of others, sometimes good and sometimes bad.  Even though our village does help to define us and our place in this world I accept the challenge of setting the level of my self esteem myself.  By finding happiness within me I can walk though my village at peace with all of its members.  When I do not have to worry about pleasing anyone other than myself it makes saying no so much easier.

To paraphrase the Charge "if you cannot find what you are looking for within yourself you will never find it without".  This sums up beautifully the path to happiness I am on.  With this understanding I can look at my village, all of the people whom I love, hate, and am indifferent to, and accept them as I accept myself.  Life is a journey for which we set out our own trails.  We all choose the paths we walk, sometimes without understanding that there was a choice to be made.  But if we walk the path for ourselves rather than for others we will find peace, and by finding peace within ourselves we will have it to share with others.  This makes our whole village stronger.

Life is an adventure and we all have family we share the adventure with.  See your village and accept them but do not loose yourself in the drama.  Love those worthy of it and release those who are not so worthy.  Be yourself.

To my village: Love and Light and Blessed Be!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Nic, Nack, and Paddy

So we are on the second year of Mallard ducklings.  Last year we had a male and a female, Click and Clack.  This year we have three new quackers named Nic, Nack, and Paddy.  We got them as hatchlings on March 17th and kept them in the house on the living-room table in a small animal cage.  Duckling are very affectionate and love to snuggle with you and sit on your shoulder, in fact that is their preferred spot, so a towel then becomes necessary to keep your shoulder clean.

At about two weeks old the flock can start spending days outside, with supervision.  We have hawks, owls, racoons, foxes, and neighborhood dogs who would love to make an easy meal of the currently flightless birds.  So every morning we wake up and walk outside for our daily romp and then they get cooped up in their run while the weather is nice.  On not so nice days they spend a LOT of time in the tub, water entertainment and easy clean up!

At one month old most of their adult feathers have grown in.  They have graduated to adult duck food and weekly minnow hunting.  At first both sexes look female but very soon the males will start shedding their brown feathers and getting their beautiful green heads.  Right now they are still juveniles and very needy.  They are sleeping outside now but insist on companionship.  They often come to the back door peeping, demanding that someone come out to watch them eat!  Although they are pretty hand shy they are not afraid to come and sit on you if you are still.

Mallard ducks are a wonderful summer project for the whole family if you have the time and the space for them.  There is not a lot of expense involved in raising mallards.  I purchased my ducklings at a local farm and garden store for only $5 and 10lbs of feed only cost $6.  Inside I housed them in a small animal cage or kennel and outside they have a truck topper for a coop and a small kiddy pool to swim in.

The real commitment for these critters comes in the form of time.  It is the nature of fowl to imprint on a mother figure and when they imprint on you they will have a need for your presence.  Ducks follow you everywhere and will insist on you being there several times a day just to hang out.

Mallards, unlike flightless ducks, will eventually leave you to migrate south in the fall.  They will do this by instinct and need no prompting from you.  Often your ducks will come back for a visit in the years to come as they have a lasting connection with the place they were raised.  It is wonderful to be a part of this cycle of life, to love and raise these adorable and entertaining creatures and then to see them learn how to fly and eventually leave for bluer waters.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It is Morning

It is morning and I have awaken, the sounds of Spartan killing Elite permeates the air.  I have updated my blog and am making plans to write in it daily.  I do not know what it is I plan to write but I I know it will be randomly entertaining!

One thing I do plan, however, is to try and use this blog as a creative writing outlet.  I really really want to write something, like a book or what not, and every source I check out says the best way to become a writer is to actually write.  So here I am writing about anything, something, or nothing.  Enjoy!

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