Thursday, July 22, 2010

A New Dawn Awakens

The night is deep and soft alone on the cliff, the ground is bare and worn around the cherished ancestral home. Overlooking the sea is a beautiful white Victorian home, perched precariously on the edge of the abyss held aloft only with bare wooden rafters.  Inside this ancient mansion of memories ghost white furnishings are sparsely placed on the dark wooden floors.  The small white bed is old and comfortable, placed near a window in view of the calm blue waters below.  Soft white curtains delicately frame the old portal and flutter playfully with the gentle sea breeze.  Gently illuminating the interior within shines the brilliant light of summer's first full moon.  An ancient watchman chronicling man's journey through time, the moon hovers high in the sky.  One moment the heavens are at peace and the next moment sets the luminous orb into unnatural motion.  From the lonely window the moon is seen falling through the sky, tumbling down towards the horizon with unsettling speed.  A wrenching can be felt in the center of each earthly being as the moon continues its plummet to a new placement in the heavens.  Within a matter of moments north and south exchange places in their cosmic dance upon the earth.  As the polar partners move Mother Earth opens her gaping maw and spews forth her primal pent up rage upon the world.  The air is defining with the noise of waring ancient gods suddenly awoken from their timeless slumber.  The shift is gut wrenching, catastrophic, everything goes black.  In the dark all is quiet.  An infinite moment passes and a point of light breaks through the darkness.  Pure and new and all eyes are opened to the realities of a new day.  All is green and fresh, washed clean by earth's eternal waters.  The air itself is infused with the color and scent of newborn green plants, the first birds sing their arrival.  In the distance a small fire is lit where survivors gather for warmth and support.  Some gathered here are looking for lost loved ones, desperate for any news.  The rest are held fast to the fire in silent repose, shock covering their faces as they struggle to come to terms with their fate.  Over the horizon a new dawn awakens upon a world born again.

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  1. I like it. I love the discription of the house. Keep blogging! :D