Thursday, August 19, 2010

Old Man Kern

We set sail on a ship with a crimson prow
Into the air we rose with ancient know how
We knotted a rope into a deadly noose
Gods forgive us the knots were too loose
That’s the day we almost hung Old Man Kern

Freedom within his grasp
That old scamp ran very fast
Into the woods he did flee
Only to be felled by the runes of his enemy
And down went the fame of Old Man Kern

Down the old stone wall he fell
Landing prone at the bottom of a well
Upon him came a serpent of ancient lore
Bent to a primal need and nothing more
Today we let a snake eat Old Man Kern

Each year as the snows melt away
We are reminded of a man who died this day
And we place flowers on the grave
Of an evil old knave
Beware the ghost of Old Man Kern

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