Friday, September 3, 2010

An Astral Moment

It's almost morning.  My eyes are still closed but I can tell the room is starting to lighten around me.  I love this time, the time when your body starts to waken but is still captured by the comfort of sleep.  I feel relaxed and comfortable, I know I have a little smile on my face.  I can see that I am sleeping peacefully, lying in my small twin sized bed in my small 10x10 bed room.  I look around and notice that every thing is as it should be.  My dresser is along the wall next to my closet.  My dolls are safely put away.  I have left some clothes on the floor though, I will need to pick them up so gramma doesn't lecture me about my messy room.  After completing the assessment of my room I look back down on myself again.  I sure do look peaceful sleeping there.  Wait a minute.  Somethings not right.  I know where I am, I am lying on my bed.  But how can that be when I am looking down on everything from my ceiling!  I am sacred, what do I do!?  Flashing, purple and black.  And then a snap!  My chest hurts, I sit up gasping for breath.  Confused I look around my room.  Everything is just as I saw it, including me.  What happened, why am I breathing so fast?  Calm yourself Vickie, nothing really happened.  If I don't think about it, it wont matter.

And so I chose to go on, putting this experience behind me until a time when I was much older and could understand.  This is why we should tell our children about astral projection and psychic phenomena, so they are prepared when it happens to them, and maybe they wont be so scared.

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