Friday, September 17, 2010

The Evolution of Spiritual History

In the beginning there was energy.  This energy then began to move and change.  This energy is the divine energy of the ALL.  As the energy continued to move and change it began to create physical matter.  In this creation the stars and planets were born.  And unto one lonely planet this energy created the first life purely through its own motion.  The life forms created by this energy and still connected to it began to change and evolve.  Each newly formed being was completely at home with its place in the universe and continued the process of creation and evolution set forth at the beginning.  As some beings began to evolve they started to become aware of the connection.  The connection that was always there but until this point had never been conceptualized.

It was hard for the first sentient beings to explain the connection they felt.  They knew it was there, they felt it, but as they grew in intelligence they insisted on rationalizing it.  So the first humans gave the connection a name "Spirit".  Spirit was everything, just as the ALL is everything.  The first humans began to understand ways to utilize the connection they had with Spirit and magick and prophecy was born.  As populations grew and diversified so the people found it necessary to diversify Spirit to fit their particular individual needs.  So the understanding of Spirit was divided into the gods and goddesses of old.

As each tribe took up the mantle of their own group of gods that part of Spirit changed and evolved to fit the needs and desires of the people.  Pantheons were born.  Many people gave their own energy in the form of belief and service to their group of gods making them stronger and more individualistic.  As each deity was served by its followers it grew stronger and gained its own identity.  It is in this form our gods and goddesses were born.  From the devoted and loving energy of the ancient peoples who gave of themselves to give their gods life.

Once the gods were born they became eternal, just as our souls are eternal.  As energy can never be created or destroyed only change its form so the gods can not be destroyed only change their form.  As pure ethereal beings the gods depend on the energy of their followers to make them strong.  Energy is sent to the gods in the form of love, prayers, devotion, and service through the connection of Spirit.  When the energy is no longer sent the gods grow weak, they may even change to fit the energies that are being offered, but they do not die.  When once again sentient beings take up the mantle of the old gods and send their energy to them they grow stronger.  As the gods grow in strength they are then able to interact with those beings who they share a strong connection with, their followers.  The gods may then resume their divine roles and help or hinder who they see fit.

To me people, gods, planets, and stars all make up the great tapestry of life.  Each thing is a living entity all its own, an individual thread, but necessary to beauty and function of the larger whole, the tapestry.  So as a poly-pantheists I look within myself to see the divine, to find my spiritual answers, but I also look outward into the universe where I can worship and serve the gods to whom I share a kindred spirit.

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