Friday, September 17, 2010

Raging Waters

Walking along the riverbed cool waters sooth and calm my spirit. Each step is placed carefully one in front of the other avoiding an abundance of loose stones. A bright new sun shines down upon a particularly brilliant pebble. Stooping to pick up the memorizing stone I loose my footing and fall into the rushing waters of the little river. I find myself falling, drowning, being swept away by the merciless waters. Under the water my spirit refused to leave. Pulling and stretching my spirit twisted into a new calling. From the body I once owned arose a new body made of flowing waters and I was now a water goddess. Standing tall with arms outreached I called to the Lady of raging waters, Hekate. “Lady hear me!” rang my watery plea. Deep inside turmoil and confusion danced through me.

The skies turned cloudy and gray and started rolling with my varied emotions. Lightening streaked across the sky in response to the chaos building inside of me. A lightening bolt struck my outreached fingers and my whole body came alive as the energy violently coursed through my watery substance. The electricity burned and purified my being, bringing air and fire together within me. From somewhere deep within a white light began to form and slowly radiate outward from my new existence. The light is pure and all consuming, cleansing me of all my wounds, chaos, and confusion. With a new sense of peace and tranquility languidly I began to sink into the welcoming Earth. Within the warm embrace of the final element I was calmed and made whole, being thus tamed I saw clearly my path laid out before me.

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