Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Ideal Writing Space

“Describe your ideal writing space.  Fill it in to the last detail.”

In a glade by a lake surrounded by shade trees is a small rustic cabin.  The lake is a crisp clear blue nestled safely beyond the mountain range it reflects.  The clam clear waters house much life; fish, turtles, frogs and foxes are all denizens on this tranquil habitat.  A small stone path leads away from the lake and the mountains towards a great forest.  Not far away is a small rustic cabin, old but very well kept and surrounded by vibrant colorful wildflowers.  The stone path leads to the little front porch.  On the left of the porch is a comfy swing bench laden with plush cushions and to the right is a small table with two chairs.  Iron sconces adorn the sides of the front door.  Inside the cabin is bright and warm with large lace covered windows lighting the interior.  The walls are filled with book shelves and natural art.  In the corner is a reading chair deep as a dream with a small table and lamp as accompaniment.  The center of the room is dominated by a large hardwood desk and office chair.  In the center of the desk is a laptop, the heart of this operation.  Pens and notebooks, wildflowers and a statue of the goddess sit quietly in reflection.  At the back of the cabin is a modest full sized bed, the kind of bed which coaxes your dreams from your head as you lay down upon it.  The colors of the cabin are soft and natural, greens, browns, blues, and yellows.  Wind chimes attached to the trees outside tinkly softly in the breeze bringing visions of faerie magick and wishes come true.  On a low shelf to the right of the desk sits a small coffee pot and tea kettle, the shelf below filled with drinks to be.  Candles adorn the many shelves and few tables ready to offer night time illumination.  The air is clear, the energy is peaceful, the only troubles this place could ever have are the one brought with you.  It is a retreat, a place to relax, rejuvenate, and a place to create.  This is my ideal writing space.

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